In 1946 Ed Fallon lost his sight and required a complete eye transplant. He was admitted to General Hospital where doctors provided him with eyes that previously belong to famous Indian hypnotist Rajah Swami Sabini. The surgery was a complete success and Ed had perfect vision and also soon realized that he gained the Swami's hypnotic powers when he accidentally put a woman in a trance. Seeing this as a means of personal gain, Ed then began mugging people by enthralling them with his hypnotic powers. In order to keep this a secret, Ed then moved to a new home.

Ed's crime spree prompted the police to call in the Human Torch and Toro to help. Getting a general description of the thief from his many victims the Torch and Toro managed to catch Ed in the act and surround him in a flame ring. However, Ed ordered his slave to douse the heroes in water from a fire hydrant and escaped. Unfortunately, Ed dropped a book given to him by the hospital as he fled, which allowed the Torch and Toro to figure out his identity.

Ed was next lured into a trap when the Torch and Toro put a false story in the paper about a party being thrown for the city's wealthy. Ed fell for the trap, but when the Torch and Toro attempted to arrest him he was ready for them. Dousing them in a chemical gas that doused their flames, Ed hypnotized the duo and forced them into a trunk to suffocate. He then rushed to his girlfriend's place to tell her about his new powers. However, Ed's girlfriend was horrified that he would abuse such a gift. The Torch, having escaped and followed Ed then projected his voice to sound like he was the Swami, come back from the grave to reclaim his eyes. As Ed panicked, the Torch quickly subdued him and turned him over to the authorities.[1]

Ed Fallon's subsequent fate is unknown.


Ed Fallon was a normal man until after his eye transplant. With the eyes of Rajah Swami Sabini, Ed had the ability to hypnotize those he made eye contact with. The effects of which would eventually wear off shortly after Ed fled. Those hypnotized by Ed retained only foggy recollections of what they did while hypnotized. As Ed was able to hypnotize people without any sort of physical or mystical training, it can only be assumed that the Rajah's hypnotic abilities were likely the cause of some kind of mutation.


Prior to his surgery, Ed Fallon was blind.

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