Ed Hugo was a ruthless killer who lived during the days of the American Frontier. Along with Mac Haverill and Nate Starret he discovered a gold mine and they used their new found wealth to found Yellow Valley. Hugo intended to kill Haverill and Starett and claim the mine for his own. The opportunity presented itself when Mac Haverill's wife Madge soon fell in love with Nate Starret. She divorced Mac and married Nate, even though that she was pregnant with Mac's child. This caused a bitter feud between Mac and Nate, and one night while they were at a saloon, Ed goaded the pair into a gun fight. When it was over, Mac and Nate were only wounded but two innocent people were shot dead. The sheriff of the time blamed Ed Hugo and Ed was sentenced to life in prison. While Ed was gone, Madge died of illness and had Nate promise to never carry a gun again.

Somehow, Ed managed to get out of prison and picked up a talent for juggling. Calling himself the Juggler, he became a travelling medicine man selling Chief Hiawatha's Famous Snake Oil. He travelled from town to town selling the snake oil, that guaranteed that it would relieve people of all their aches and pains. 10 years after his arrest, the Juggler found himself back in Yellow Valley bent on continuing where he left off.

As coincidence would have it, at the time the Juggler was entering the town so was western hero Tex Taylor and his sidekick Alkali Ike. At this time, Mac and Nate were still feuding over ownership of the mine, even though Nate's unknowingly adopted daughter Helen tried to get them to stop fighting. The Juggler overheard the argument and Nate talking of his promise to his late wife to never wield a gun again, and his threat to Mac that he could kill him many different ways. Mac stormed out and the Juggler soon entered. Recognizing Ed Hugo, Nate abruptly left telling Helen to go to the nearby hotel while he went back to his ranch.

The Juggler put on his travelling medicine man routine and put on a juggling show. However when a sweeping saloon worker bumped into him, the Juggler began beating on the man for ruining his performance. Tex and Ike stepped in and stopped the fight, leading to the Juggler to warn Tex to mind his business and showed off his shooting skills. The Juggler later tracked down Mac Haverill and shot him dead with a bow and arrow outside of town. He then went after Nate, shooting him and leaving him for dead. He returned to Yellow Valley and after Helen discovered Mac's body, convinced the sheriff to deputize him and help hunt for Nate Starett, who was the prime suspect after the incident at the saloon. This led to another altercation with Tex and Ike who questioned the sheriffs choice in a deputy.

Tex and Ike soon discovered Nate's body, his last warning was to attempt to tell them that Ed Hugo had went to the mine. Tex rode to the Three Men Mine, and was knocked out by the Juggler who then tied him up. The Juggler then explained to Tex his entire plan and that he was going to kill Helen as well and then use the revelation that Helen was Mac's biological daughter to make it seem like Nate learned the truth and went mad and killed both Mac and Helen before suffering a fatal gunshot himself. The Juggler then left Tex tied up in the cabin with a lit stick of TNT and left him to be blown up. However, Tex managed to free himself thanks to help from his horse Fury.

Meanwhile, the Juggler had went to the Starett Ranch and was about to kill both Helen and Ike with his bow and arrow when Tex arrived and shot it to pieces. In a draw, the Juggler lost and was gunned down by Tex.[1]


As his nickname suggests, the Juggler was an expert in juggling. He was able to juggle multiple objects of various sizes. He was also a skilled gunslinger. He combined his shooting and juggling skills and developed a technique of spinning his pistol from the trigger guard and making it fire at the right moment, hitting objects that were at either side of him.


The Juggler had a bucka wagon that was drawn by a single horse. He would occasionally ride the horse alone.


The Juggler carried two six shooters and had a bow and arrow.

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