Ed "Mock" Turtle was a mob leader who was active during the 1940s. At the start of 1945 he had his minions steal the plans for a local auditorium where a Red Cross charity function was taking place to raise funds for the organization's efforts assisting those in need during the war. The theft attracted the attention of the Whizzer who attempted to capture the Turtle and his men. While the Whizzer was busy trying to round up his minions, the Turtle opened fire on the hero, causing him to pull away to dodge the flying bullets allowing the Turtle and his men to escape without a trace.

Participating at the Red Cross charity, the Whizzer witnessed as the Turtle and his men robbed the charity and fled the scene. Chasing after them, the Whizzer was tricked into entering a hall of mirror and was locked inside. While the Whizzer attempted to escape, the Turtle and his men robbed a horse betting track. By the time they were escaping in their getaway car, the Whizzer had escaped and managed to catch up with them and capture the crooks.

The Turtle and his men were handed over to the authorities[1] and his subsequent fate is unknown.


The Turtle had a machine gun.

It is interesting to note that the car driven by the Mock Turtle and his gang resembles the two other high speed cars that the Whizzer had encountered in the 1940s. The Silver Moonbeam, invented by Larry Reynolds[2] and the Meteor III driven by Dr. Throttle.[3] This is likely because all three stories were drawn by artist Louis Ferstadt, as the vehicles have no known connection.

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