Eddie Gunnam was a struggling young man forced to scrounge for work, until the day when Eddie saw a man holding on to a cane struck by lightning five times. The man had died, but when Eddie touched that cane he knew his life would be different.[1]

The Swell

Eventually Eddie began calling himself The Swell and came in contact with the Street Arabs in New York City. Using the influence of his cane, the Swell gained power, trust, and renowned.[1]

Eddie Gunnam (Earth-616) 002

The Swell's stick is destroyed

When the Swell spotted the Runaways rescuing child workers from a factory fire, he tried to recruit them to the Street Arabs. Once the Runaways were secure in the ranks of the Street Arabs, the Swell took the information of their arrival to the Sinners.[1] However, the arrival of the Runaways inadvertently triggered a war between the Street Arabs, the Upward Path and the Sinners.[2] During the battle, Kid Twist targeted the Swell with a gunshot, resulting in the destruction of his stick.[3]


Swell's Stick 001

The Swell's lightning structure stick

Possession of the Swell's Stick grants him several abilities including:

  • Probability Manipulation: The Swell's stick allows him to manipulate luck in his favor.[1][3]
  • Influence: While in possession of his stick, the Swell is trusted by others.[1]

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