Edgar Elliot was an actor who was active during the 1940s. The height of his career was in 1942 when he landed the lead roll in the film "Mister Stranger". He then quickly vanished into obscurity.

In 1947, when Elliot learned that Sunrise Studios was going to remake "Mister Stranger", Elliot became determined to prevent the film from being made in order to preserve his cinematic legacy. He developed the false identity of Leonard Allan, and was hired on to work lighting at Sunset Studios. When actor Ken Chalmers was cast in the role of Mr. Stranger, Elliot sent a death threat warning him to not participate in the film. Ken dismissed it as the work of a crank while his girlfriend Donna Filed hired the services of private detective Mark Mason to investigate the threat. Tagging along with him was his regular crime fighting partner Blonde Phantom. On the set, Elliot had director Ray Crosson to fix the lighting for the shoot, and then tampered with it to fall on Ken during the shooting killing him. This act also led Mason and Blonde Phantom to suspect both Crosson and Bert Marsh the man who was competing for the role with Ken.

When Blonde Phantom went searching in Crosson's office she found an insurance policy for Ken Chalmers and Bert Marsh, but Elliot -- dressed as Mr. Stranger -- attacked her and stole the insurance policy to further implicate Crosson. Changing back into his Leonard Allen guise, Elliot then went to Marsh's home just as Blonde Phantom arrived to warn Marsh about Crosson's insurance policy. To cover up his being there, "Allen" showed the Phantom that he was delivering an ornament that he made for Marsh. The Blonde Phantom noted "Allen's" greasy hands and went into the house. There she spotted Crosson and confronted him about the insurance policies. When Crosson attempted to flee, Elliot shot him dead and then fled into a secret room. Following after him, the Blonde Phantom confronted Mister Stranger and identified him as "Allen" from his greasy hands. Elliot then knocked her out and fled the scene, unaware that a photographer snapped a picture of his getaway car while taking the picture of two girls to try and make a sale.

Taking Blonde Phantom back to his house, Elliot was about to eliminate her when Mark Mason -- having deduced that Leonard Allen was the killer by tracing the license plate in the photo -- burst in and knocked him out.[1]

Elliot was turned over to the police, and his subsequent fate is unknown.


As Mister Stranger, Edgar Elliot carried a gun.

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