Edgar Lascombe was the owner of one of the top 5 biggest pharmaceutical companies in America.[1]

When Baron Strucker was in statis, Lascombe rebuilt Hydra and established himself as the Supreme Hydra. Lascombe believed Hydra had become weak and lost its way, its former leaders allowing it to devolve into a simple syndicate more concerned with drug running and money laundering.[citation needed]

After killing five former Hydra leaders, Lascombe unveiled the Hydra Four, genetically modified Hydra agents with powers and abilities patterned after Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. Lascombe planned to use them to distract the Avengers while Hydra smuggled bacteria and missiles into New York, part of a larger plan to launch a bio-weapon assault on the Ogallala Aquifer.[citation needed]

The only one that had a guess what was happening was Spider-Man, and he was able to track them down and infiltrated Hydra's base. He got discovered and hunted by hundreds of Hydra soldiers until he run into the Hydra Four that almost got him, when the Avengers saved him. Spider-Man and Iron man were almost able to stop the countdown of the missile, but Lascombe overrid their attempt and lunched the rocket. Spider-Man climbed on to the rocked and successfully sabotaged its GPS and it blew up it up in the ocean. Spider-Man got caught in the explosion and had to spend a few days in Iron Man's virological isolab.[2]

Hydra destroyed its base after the rocket launch, all agents and Hydra Four ran away, and Lascombe escaped to London and presumed to continue in Hydra's European division.[citation needed]




Skilled businessman and leader

Strength level

Normal human male with regular exercise




Hydra vehicle.
A car with a chauffeur/bodyguard.

Had a secret entrance to a hidden Hydra base in his New York house.

He enjoys theater, especial off-Broadway plays.[1]

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