Edison Po is an agent of Project Centipede and former marine with connections to "the Clairvoyant," the mysterious head of Project Centipede. In 2012, Po was incarcerated in Havenworth Federal Penitentiary for stabbing a friend in the eye when he asked questions about the Clairvoyant. After Centipede's experiment with Chan Ho Yin failed and the Doctor was killed, Raina visited Po in jail and asked him to get in touch with the Clairvoyant.[1]

A group of Centipede-enhanced soldiers led by Brian Hayward later broke Po out of prison. Raina asked him again to speak to the Clairvoyant to seek their "Phase 3."[2]

Later, Po was responsible for interrogating Agent Coulson to find out the secret behind his revival. Upset with Po's lack of progress, the Clairvoyant had him killed and transferred his duties over to Raina.[3]

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