A young explorer, Edith Alton accompanied a group of fellow explorers into the African jungle. When her fellows would abuse their native guides, they were attacked by the jungle man known as Trojak, allowing the guides to retreat. The group soon became lost in the woods and, disturbed by her colleagues’ willingness to kill anything in their path, Edith would try to find her way out of the jungle alone. She was soon attacked by a lion, only to be saved by Trojak, who was injured in the fight.

Nursing him back to health, she taught him English and he in turn led her and her fellows to a nearby village. This turned out to be a village of savages who attempted to kill Edith and her colleagues until they were once again rescued by Trojak. The jungle man then led the group back to civilization and Edith was soon on a boat bound for home, wondering if she would ever see Trojak again.[1]

Edith’s reunion with Trojak would come sooner than she expected as her boat was attacked by a Nazi U-boat. She was taken back to the African continent and kept as a prisoner. Upon learning of her capture, Trojak rescued her and vowed to force the Nazis out of his jungle.[2]

Edith would stop Trojak from launching an attack with his tribe’s people after learning that her brother Jerry was among their numbers, however. She and Trojak were soon recaptured an imprisoned with Jerry – whom they learned was really a spy working for the Allied forces. Thanks to Trojak’s pet tiger Balu setting off explosives set by Jerry, Edith and her friends were freed and the Nazis slain.[3]

Jerry soon after became sick and Edith insisted on accompanying Trojak in collecting the nectar of the Devil-Flower that could cure him. This put them into conflict with the Gemba Tribe who worshipped the flower. Edith held her own against various perils thrown at them by the Gemba people until they successfully collected the nectar and cured Jerry.[4]

Edith's current activities are unknown.


Edith is a capable survivalist in the African jungles.


Edith was at one point armed with a rifle.

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