Edith Harper was a waitress at the Deep End Club on Mulberry Street. She once came across Bobby Carr and asked him for his autograph. Sick and tired of people always a piece of him, Carr lashed out and knocked the tray out of her hand. Unbeknownst to Carr, Peter Parker was hiding in the rafters and took photos of the incident which he promptly sold to The DB.

Soon Harper was interviewed by Sandy Stone and told Stone that she was going to sue Carr for at least two million dollars for the incident. The interview finished and Stone told her to enjoy her fifteen minutes of fame.

After the interview wrapped she phoned her mother and asked her to Tivo the news program with her on it. Unfortunately the mysterious villain Paperdoll attacked and killed her squeezing the life out of her and leaving a flat corpse.

Her body was later found and then taken away for forensic examination by Carlie Cooper. During the autopsy, Peter Parker walked in and Cooper told him that Harper had suffocated to death due to her decreased lung capacity.[1]

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