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Edith Scutch was a botanical engineer who spent most of her years working for the best agrochemical and biotech companies in the world. After realizing that these companies only used their knowledge to create seedless plants that could no longer reproduce in order to sell more products in the name of wealth and consumerism, Edith decided to form with some of her colleagues a group of like-minded agrochemicists, bio-technologists, and bio-engineers who specialized in genetic manipulation and the spread of all things botanical called the Hordeculture, who aimed within ten years to control the entire food supply of the world.[1]

She was part of an incursion of the Hordeculture to the Krakoan Harvest Center, located in the Savage Land. After a confrontation with Cyclops, White Queen and Sebastian Shaw, they managed to collect samples of the Krakoan genome in order to study it and learn how it worked to convince the living island to support the aims of the Hordeculture or otherwise bend it to their will.[1]

Later, Scutch was also involved in the Hordeculture's raid on the island of Genosha, within the framework of the Cotati invasion, where they tried to collect samples for study of the alien species. In the process, they fought plants and mutant zombies.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Telepathic Immunity: By unknown means she acquired telepathic immunity.[1]

Advanced Longevity: Like all members of Hordecultrue, Edith has a greatly extended lifespan despite her considerable age.[1]



She wears armor that covers all her limbs and an anti gas mask that covers her face.[1]


A lance capable of shooting gases and other substances of plant origin that have been shown to have the property to inhibit mutant powers.[1]. It can also spray pheromones that generate illusions and other effects on males.[3]


The Krakoan Gateways, somehow hacked by the Hordeculture to use them for their own benefit. In addition, due to physical mobility problems, Edith is transported in an air vehicle.[1]


  • Edith is 81 year old. Because of this, she has hearing problems and experiences reduced mobility.[1]
  • Edith gets her ex-husbands social security income checks due to his dying in a car accident before filing divorce forms.[1]
    • The reason for their separation was because Walter left Edith for a younger, prettier woman.

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