Years after the fall of Apocalypse, Sebastian Shaw managed to maneuver the Hellfire Club into a position of power under the regime of the new dictator, Weapon Omega. Edmund was a watchman for the Hellfire Club in the city of New Apocalypse.[1]

He remained outside the club, using his powers to make sure Sebastian Shaw remained safe. After Shaw learned that Dark Beast and Sugar Man were bringing back the so-called "Alphas", powerful mutants who had been killed in past battle, he was furious, and left the club early for the night. Edmund believed the streets were too quiet, and asked if he could call a car to take Shaw home. Shaw informed Edmund that he'd rather be attacked, as he was eager for a fight.[1]

Shaw was quickly intercepted by Prophet who offered him a deal. Stryker's skills were highlighted by Shaw, by the fact that Edmund missed to detect the human.[1]


Enhanced sight and hearing: Though missing his right eye and ear, his senses were incredibly keen. Sebastian Shaw claimed that Edmund could detect the number of cockroaches on individual levels of a building some distance away. Although, he completely missed the presence of Prophet.[1]


A pistol that he has named "Ol' Jody".[1]

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