Edmund Kenyon was a theater actor during the 1940s. By 1946 he had gained notoriety for playing the title character in a performance of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" however the role proved to be a strain on him, according to his fiancée Laura Lang. One night his performance was seen by the Human Torch and Toro who went backstage after the show to meet the cast. While talking with Kenyon and Lang, a light fixture suddenly fell from the scaffold. The Torch pushed Kenyon out of it's path, however a crank broke off and struck Kenyon on the head. Kenyon shook off the injury and he and Laura went home.

After dropping Laura off at home, Edmund walked the rest of the way home until a cat knocked over a garbage pale. This caused Edmund to regress into a personality based on the character of Mr. Hyde and proceeded to strangle one woman and two men before retiring for the night. The next morning, Kenyon woke up to news of the murders, and realizing what he had done decided to leave town. Getting a ticket to his home town of Sprinville, Kenyon ran into the Torch and Toro at Grand Central Station where they were searching for a suspect the police believed were responsible for the murder.

Kenyon left unsuspected, but as he left a luggage attendant dropped a shipping trunk on the ground. The loud crash caused Kenyon to revert to his killer personality again and he jumped off the train. Finding a nearby diner, he strangled the owner to death and fled, unaware that he left his train ticket stub at the scene of the crime. Returning to New York City, Kenyon invited Laura to his home and confessed the string of murders to her. When she did not believe him, he once more reverted to his killer persona and attempted to throw Laura off the roof. However, the Human Torch and Toro arrived, and while the Torch was saving Laura's life, Kenyon attempted to attack the hero. Toro then tossed a fireball at the insane killer, causing him to loose his footing and fall off the roof of the building to his death.[1]


Due to a head injury, Kenyon would go into an insane killing spree whenever he heard a loud crash or was under stress.

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