Eduardo Gotti was one of a group of prankster M.I.T. students who were friends with the young professor Jenny Swensen. They helped her steal the MAX Armor that her late father developed, to keep it out of the wrong hands. [citation needed]

Swensen used the armor as Spitfire, to battle criminals, terrorists and other threats, and Eduardo and the other students aided her, dubbing themselves the Troubleshooters. Most of them developed technology to use in this goal, with Eduardo designing a pair of cybernetic arms to boost his strength. The Troubleshooters unwisely took on a terrorist, Steel Hawk, and he later came after them for revenge, killing one of them and crippling another. Eduardo later cornered Steel Hawk and beat him half to death, but Steel Hawk escaped. Giotti then gave up adventuring. [citation needed]



Eduardo used a device called Strongarms, that boosted the strength in his arms, enabling him to hit and grip with superhuman force.

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