A high level of accidents at an atomic research facility calls in Edward Bentley, a trained hypnotist, to relax the lab workers. During one of the accidents, a scorpion is bathed in radiation which makes it grow and gain sentience which it communicates hostile brain waves. The hypnotist attempts to soothe the creature's anger but fails. The scorpion goes about gathering its brothers in order to subject them to the same procedure so that they can assault humans everywhere and take over. Suddenly, it is doubled up in terrible pain, and the soldiers speculate that it is due to the radiation bombardment. The monster pleads for release, even if it means death. They subject it to a second dose which finishes it off and express relief that the creature developed pain. The hypnotist reveals that there never was any pain. He failed in his first attempt because the creature was on guard, but later he succeeded with the hypnosis in his second attempt to implant the suggestion of burning pain[1].

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