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Quote1 Nyaha! Uh-uh-uh... not so fast! You think you killed me? You think I am soft and squishy in the middle like you?! [...] Bedlam is my naaaaame! See? We could snap you like a twig if we wanted to, Venommmmm. We are a King in Black! But nooooo... we want to make you stronger, don't we? And pain makes you stronger, doesn't it? [...] Survive... survive and come back to us. Look upon my face, boy. And know pain. Quote2
Bedlam (Eddie Brock)[src]

Bedlam is a King in Black and a temporal offshoot of Eddie Brock.[1] As a result of Meridius's manipulations of time, Bedlam was born after Eddie's memories were stolen by Chasm, reverting his mind to the time he wished to exact revenge on Spider-Man.[4] He eventually fought the original Eddie Brock, who had regained his memories, and after being defeated by him Bedlam decided to bond with Eddie in order to fight Meridius and protect their son.[2]


Bedlam is a temporal offshoot of Eddie Brock, who had become unmoored in time following the death of his physical body and was embroiled in a time-loop perpetuated by Meridius to ensure his own existence.[5] After Eddie, back in his Finnegan form, left the Garden of Time through the Symbiote Hive-Mind, he ended up in Limbo, possessing a mindless symbiote piece belonging to a demon alchemist.[6] Encountering the Goblin Queen and her new partner Chasm, the latter took away Eddie's memories in order to revert him to his villainous persona as part of his plan to steal Spider-Man's memories. After a brief clash with Spider-Man, Eddie, in his form as Venom, attacked the X-Men's Treehouse to act as a distraction for Hallow's Eve to steal a Cerebro Drive. He fought Synch, but during the fight the X-Man tried to remind Venom of his redemption and new role as the King in Black, leaving Eddie confused. This worsened when he realized he didn't have his Other with him, freaking him out before becoming enraged as he came to the belief that someone had stolen his symbiote.[4]

Transforming into Bedlam, Eddie encountered his own son, Dylan, who had become the Venom symbiote's new host, and attacked him believing he had stolen the symbiote. Slowly regaining parts of his memories, Bedlam gained the upper hand until Dylan revealed he had inherited All-Black the Necrosword by discovering his true nature, taking the title of Codex. With the help of his ally, the Red Goblin, Codex managed to cut off Bedlam's right hand and stab out one of his eyes.[7] Thrown into the Hudson river by Ms. Marvel, Bedlam surfaced to find Meridius waiting. Mocking Eddie over his inability to change his fate and having lost his sense of identity, Meridius restored Bedlam's severed hand to avoid a temporal paradox. After a brief rematch with Venom, Bedlam was overpowered but saved by the Goblin Queen, as she required his help in battling the now crazed Chasm, who had usurped her throne.[8] Ripping and tearing his way through hordes of demons, Bedlam attacked Chasm, but the latter used the Scythe of Sorrows to banish him to Limbo.[9]

Cast into Limbo, where time follows different rules, Eddie was attacked by a group of Techno-Demons who attempted to infect him with the Transmode Virus in order to consume his life force. Instinctively using his King in Black powers to purge the infection and become immune to the techno-organic virus, Bedlam devoured one of the Techno-Demons before being confronted by Darkoth the Death-Demon from a point in time where he was still the ruler of Limbo. Bedlam attacked Darkoth, and the clash between the King in Black and King of Limbo caused time to split -- allowing two versions of the same event to play out in the same universe and splitting Eddie's history in two. In one version of events, Bedlam was cut down by Darkoth, his codex ending up in the Un-Beyond. Developing a nascent mind of its own from the dregs of Eddie's rage and bloodlust, Bedlam's symbiote body took over Darkoth and escaped through a portal into Asgard.

In the other version of events, Bedlam was able to overpower Darkoth, breaking the Soulsword in two and killing him with its pieces. Afterwards, a time portal opened that led Bedlam — who was unaware that the schism had occurred — back to the Garden of Time to continue the time loop.[3] Upon returning to the Garden, Bedlam encountered his past and future selves when Meridius was showing the newly-arrived Eddie Brock around the Garden and introducing him to the other Kings in Black. Consumed by rage and self-loathing towards his other iterations, Bedlam continued the time loop by attacking his past self "Finnegan" in a murderous rage and fighting Eddie's first iteration, a scene that would repeat itself as part of the time-loop. When Bedlam tried to destroy Finnegan in an attempt to erase himself, Wilde, Tyro and Meridius from existence, Meridius intervened and convinced Bedlam that going into the past and fighting their son would help make Dylan strong enough to potentially defeat him in the future.[1]

Bedlam's codex traveled through the timestream via the Symbiote Hive-Mind and manifested using a symbiote Meridius had been indwelling. Before returning to the future, Meridius sicced Bedlam on Venom both in order to continue pushing Dylan and the Venom symbiote past their limits and to further scare Alchemax CEO Liz Allan into falling in line with the Absent Throne's plans.[10] Bedlam tracked Dylan and the Venom symbiote down to the town of Baywater, California, where they had been staying with a retired biker named Jake Yahkin. Bedlam attacked Venom while he was trying to stop a rival biker gang called the Hell Hounds from razing the city, but Venom impaled Bedlam through the head and left him for dead. Bedlam swiftly recovered and ambushed Venom while Dylan was mourning Jake's murder at the hands of the Hell Hounds' leader, impaling him through the chest and revealing he was a King in Black sent to make the Venom symbiote stronger through pain; revealing his identity as Eddie Brock in order to further traumatize Dylan.[11] Meridius trapped Eddie's time-travelling codex inside Bedlam's mindscape, forcing him to watch Bedlam torture Dylan to the brink of death. Manifesting in his mental world, Bedlam mocked Eddie for being too weak and devoured him, Meridius recalling Eddie to the Garden of Time where he manifested as "Finnegan" and was attacked by Bedlam's past self as part of the time-loop.[1]

Following Dylan's escape, Bedlam amused himself by taking over Baywater, cowing the Hell Hounds into submission, and devouring anyone who displeased him while waiting for Meridius to call upon him again. In one branch of time, Bedlam was left to wait until his rage burnt out, returning to the Garden of Time as Wilde and continuing the time-loop.[12] In another branch, Bedlam was confronted by the resurrected Eddie Brock, his temporal offshoot who'd returned from the UnBeyond by possessing his own corpse.[13] The two Eddies fought each other, with Bedlam proclaiming to be the true Eddie Brock and the other just a copy. Despite Bedlam mauling and mutilating him, Eddie was able to regenerate thanks to his "human symbiote" physiology and shoot out his nerves to connect to Bedlam's mind, bringing the fight to the Astral Plane. Manifesting as a flat-topped clean-shaven version of Eddie before transforming into Venom, Bedlam again tried to kill Eddie, intending to usurp control of their body. However, Eddie got the upper hand, telling Bedlam that he himself was complete and didn't need anyone while Bedlam was incomplete and needed Eddie to return to his full self. Offered a truce, Bedlam agreed to join Eddie and fight Meridius together, bonding to him and taking a four-armed form mixing his hulking appearance with that of Warstar.[2] Meridius did not predict the resurrection of the other Eddie, meaning it did not happen to him and Bedlam had diverged from his history.[13][14]

Edward Brock (Earth-616) and Edward Brock (Bedlam) (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 5 21 cover 001

Merged with Eddie Brock.

Travelling to Latveria to help Eddie gain access to Doctor Doom's Time Platform, Bedlam devoured a Doombot who confronted Eddie at the airport security check-in. As more Doombots attacked, Bedlam re-bonded to Eddie and the two fought their way out of the airport, making their way to Castle Doom. Interrupting Doom's meal, Bedlam retracted into Eddie's body when Doom offered an invitation to dine rather than fight. When Doom refused to grant Eddie access to his Time Platform, however, Bedlam emerged and he and Eddie attacked the Latverian monarch. When the fight breached the lab where Doom kept the Time Platform, Bedlam separated from Eddie and attempted to devour Doom -- keeping him distracted while Eddie tried to figure out how to work it. When Doom managed to repel Bedlam, Eddie smashed the Time Platform's controls, causing it to malfunction and warp the three of them through time.[15] Arriving in the late Cretaceous Period, Bedlam rebonded to Eddie but their brawl was interrupted by Meridius in the form of a Venomized T. rex. Bedlam and Eddie next arrived in France in the 1940s, where they found the symbiote "robot" Flexo the Rubber Man and used their King in Black powers to conscript it into protecting the citizens of a Nazi-occupied village while Doom slaughtered the fascists in a fit of rage.

When Eddie and Doom next arrived roughly 15 years into the past, Bedlam bickered with Eddie over having gone soft. When they encountered a teenaged Peter Parker shortly after he'd become Spider-Man, Bedlam mocked Eddie for forgetting that Peter's uncle had been murdered and lamented that he missed being a rage-fuelled cannibal. When Doom called a truce and took Eddie to see Kang the Conqueror, Bedlam devoured two of the three temporal duplicates Kang summoned. When Kang agreed to help Eddie on the condition that he be given a sample of Bedlam's symbiote, Bedlam warned Eddie it was a trick or a trap but begrudgingly complied, unwittingly spawning the symbiote called Rascal. Taking the Fantastic Four's old time machine, Eddie and Bedlam travelled to the Garden of Time and rammed it into Meridius, interrupting the fight between Bedlam's past self, Eddie's past self, and Finnegan; and in the process creating a new timeline.[14]


Bedlam embodies Eddie Brock's rage and bloodlust, reflecting his earliest days as the host of the Venom symbiote. Revelling in combat and bad puns, Bedlam has zero compunctions about devouring his opponents. Without the memories that were taken by Chasm, Bedlam lacks a driving purpose and was content to idly rule over the mostly-empty Baywater. After a failed attempt to take over Eddie's physical body, Bedlam begrudgingly agreed to a truce with his other self.[2]



King in Black Powers: As an offshoot of Eddie Brock, Bedlam possesses all the powers of the King in Black.[16]

  • Symbiote Domination: Bedlam can project his mind into any symbiote he chooses. Once he is inhabiting a symbiote, he has absolute control over its body.[5] He can expel the virtually irresistible Transmode Virus.[3] He can also command separate symbiotes to combine together into a whole.[16]
    • Mental Time Travel: Bedlam is not limited to controlling symbiotes in his present. He can send his consciousness backward and forward through time as well as through space.[16][6] As a King in Black, he is nonlinear.[5]
Symbiote Physiology: Bedlam exists as a codex within the Symbiote Hive-Mind, only able to take physical form by possessing symbiotes. This grants him the ability to use the innate powers all symbiotes possess, predominantly shapeshifting.[16] This allowed Bedlam to bond to the original Eddie Brock, further empowering each other.[2]



Bedlam has fangs and claws he uses as weapons, can form tendrils to attack or restrain opponents, and can transform his limbs into weapons.


Bedlam can project his mind into any symbiote matter at any point in time or space.

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