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Eddie Brock was present when a Spider-Man impostor appeared, attacked a science expo, and stole a piece of Otto Octavius' technology. Despite bumping into Peter Parker in the crowd, Eddie transformed into Venom and vowed to take down Spider-Man, whom he believed to have become a villain. He kidnapped Mary Jane in an attempt to lure Spider-Man to him. When Spider-Man found him, he gave chase, and Venom lured him into an alley, where they battled briefly. After a fight through the sewers, Spider-Man reminded Venom that he had seen him out-of-costume when the impostor attacked, and that it couldn't have been him. Venom apologized (which only aggravated Spider-Man more) and joined forces with Spider-Man to stop the impostor.

Venom suggested that the Chameleon may be the impostor and quickly began spouting names off the top of his head as guesses to who wanted Octavius' technology (among those being the Sub-Mariner, Thor, and Galactus). When the two went to the Daily Bugle to use the computers there, Venom sensed Carnage and ran off to find him.

Otto Octavius was eventually revealed to be working with Carnage. Venom fought Carnage while Spider-Man fought Doc Ock, but was defeated. He tried to warn Spider-Man of the danger, by Carnage grabbed Spider-Man and carried him off to fight. Venom recovered and escaped the lab to alert the Avengers to the goings-on, joining Captain America to rescue Spider-Man and asking if he could have Captain America's autograph.[1]

Bio from Character Viewer

The journalistic rival of Parker and one half of the symbiote known as Venom!


Seemingly those of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616 when bonded with the Venom Symbiote.


Venom fights using his claws and tendrils.

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