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Quote1.png WE'RE NOT BROTHERS! Our parents may have died together, but you had your precious aunt and uncle! We had no one. We've always been alone! Until now. Quote2.png


This incarnation of Eddie Brock follows in the same steps of his Ultimate counterpart, being a student and lab assistant/scientist at Empire State University under Dr. Curt Connors and Peter Parker's childhood friend. In the beginning, he and Peter Parker were good friends, with their mothers as best friends and fathers as business partners with a lab in Queens. They were raised together after their parents died in the same air disaster, but Eddie became jealous of Peter because he had relatives to look after him while Eddie had no one. Despite this, he acted like a big brother to Peter, keeping bullies like Flash Thompson off his back until he graduated. However, as Peter started leading his secret double life as Spider-Man, Eddie grew resentful of him for not being there for him, Gwen Stacy and even Mary Jane Watson.

The situation reached it's peak when Black Cat stole the alien symbiote from it's containment chamber at ESU; with Spider-Man unable to stop her and the Daily Bugle front page photos credited to Peter (added to Chameleon's deception, of which Eddie never knew) he would be expelled from the university, since he had the duty of guarding it. As fate would have it, the symbiote had bonded with Peter for a short while, but was forced out when it tried to control his mind before he was able to break free of his influence. Eddie, for a moment, was relieved when Spider-Man brought the symbiote back, but felt his life ruined when he attempted to freeze it to death. However, the symbiote did not die and decided to bond with the vengeful Eddie instead, creating Venom, with the knowledge of Spider-Man’s secret identity. Venom set out to hurt all the people Peter loved, including his Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. Luckily, Spider Man tricked the symbiote into taking him back, before trapped it beneath concrete.

Next year, Eddie began to stalk Spider-Man, always disappearing when something distracted him. Eventually, Spider-Man became paranoid enough to recheck that place where he buried the symbiote, from which Eddie freed it soon after, becoming Venom again.

Peter Parker (Earth-26496), Edward Brock (Earth-26496), and Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-26496) from Spectacular Spider-Man (animated series) Season 2 7 001.jpg

Venom began framing Spider-Man for crimes and then later smashed into the Bugle to announce that Peter is Spider-Man. This prompted every reporter to stalk Peter. Eddie then came back to ESU Labs to get his job back, so that he could steal a vial of gene cleanser that would eliminate Spider-Man's powers. However, Spider-Man used the cleanser against him, forcing the symbiote to reject Eddie and escape into the sewers. He was then hauled off to Ravencroft, having gone insane.



Thanks to the his bond with symbiote, Eddie has all of Spider-Man's powers, but his strength and durability is higher than Spider-Man’s. He could also create a second, larger mouth on his chest.


Vulnerable to sound and fire, explosions, gene-cleanser and positive emotions.



Web slingers.


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