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As Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. After bonding with a symbiote, he became the vigilante Venom. As Venom, he was an adversary of the Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Ben Reilly.

Symbiote Affair

When Eddie learned of a Department PSI operative using a symbiote, he thought it the spawn of Carnage and decided to kill it. He went to PSI Tech Labs, but found The Cabal harassing PSI scientists. He killed most of them and confronted their commanding officer. He easily defeated Pike and was about to kill him until he revealed that they were looking for the same person.

The following morning, Eddie staked out John F. Kennedy International Airport until she arrived. He followed her to Albright Cemetery and knocked out her driver and took his place. He revealed himself in her limo and the two fought. Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) intervened and he and Taboo overpowered Venom. Pike appeared and pushed a baby, in front of a bus, distracting Spider-Man long enough for Pike and Venom to escape with Taboo.[1]

Benjamin Reilly (Earth-7642) and Marc Slayton (Earth-7642) Vs. Edward Brock (Earth-7642), Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-7642), and Pike (Earth-7642) from Backlash Spider-Man Vol 1 2 001.jpg

Venom quickly realized that Taboo's symbiote had no connection to the klyntar and threatened to kill Pike. Even though Taboo confirmed his suspicions, Pike tricked Venom into believing that his suspicions were the result of being influenced by her symbiote. Later, they were tracked down by Spider-Man and Taboo's partner, Backlash. During the ensuring fight, Venom sensed that Backlash had obtained a remnant of his symbiote and he freed it, but instead of recombining with him, it bonded with Pike. In response, Venom agreed to a truce with the superheroes and the four rushed up the cathedral's bell tower. While everyone else kept Pike busy, Spider-Man manually rung the bell, to avoid damage to its rotted rope, and separated the two. In a last ditch attempt to kill them, Pike threw a fusion detonator at the tower, forcing all parties to jump into the harbor. Hours later, PSI declared Pike, Spider-Man, and Venom MIA..[2]


While Eddie's final fate is unknown, it is implied he survived the fall. During an encounter with Peter Parker, Mysterio used holographic villains to battle him. Venom was among the villains emulated; Peter reasoned that Beck didn't emulate Doctor Octopus since Octavius was deceased.[3] In anycase, the symbiote survived and found itself a new host.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616.

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