This Eddie Brock presumably shares a history with his 616 counterpart.

When a symbiote invasion struck New York, Spider-Man searched for Venom, believing him responsible for the invasion. Venom managed to evade Spider-Man, until the two met in the sewers. Venom fled, entering the symbiotes' hive. Spider-Man followed Venom, and the two fought. Spider-Man defeated Venom, who revealed that he was not responsible for the invasion, and that Spider-Man was not fighting an army of symbiotes, but one symbiote that had managed to divide itself. With Venom too weak to help Spider-Man, Spider-Man continued on to fight the symbiote leader itself.


Seemingly those of Edward Brock of Earth-616 when bonded with the Venom Symbiote.


  • Intense Sound: The symbiote is extremely sensitive to high frequencies of sound and Sonic attacks, first shown when Peter Parker separated from the symbiote using a Church Bell.
  • Intense Heat: The symbiote is also vulnerable to intense levels of heat.


Web-slinging, jumping great distances.

  • Unlike the other incarnations of Venom in the other versions of the Web of Shadows games, Venom is not responsible for the Symbiote invasion.
  • As well as this, Venom is represented by his classic form.

Venom of Earth-616

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