Eddie, bonded to the Venom Symbiote, killed his universe's Spider-Man.[1] He then proceeded to wear the remains of his costume as a cape and having mental conversations with him, convinved that Peter was not only still alive, but also his best friend.[2]

Edward Brock (Earth-TRN792) from Contest of Champions Vol 1 7 001

He was one of the numerous people from across different universes abducted by the Grandmaster to partake in his newest Contest of Champions against the Collector for the ISO-Sphere in the Battlerealm.[3] As part of the Yellow Team, Venom was pitted against against Maestro's Red Tream and attacked Outlaw in the Valley of Flame, but was stabbed by Gamora, eventually losing the match.[4]

The next match took place in the remnants of the Kingdom of Manhattan, where as part of the team's strategy Eddie temporarily let the Symbiote bond with Hulk (Rick Jones)[2] before rebonding shortly after.[5] During the final fight between both teams in Deadlands/Perfection,[1] the Collector's right-hand Maestro betrayed him and stole his source of power, the ISO-Sphere, becoming the new ruler of Battlerealm[6] and imprisoning the participants. Eddie was then executed by Punisher 2099 after he confessed to the crime of killing Peter Parker.[7]


Seemingly those of the Edward Brock of Earth-616 when possessed by the Venom symbiote of Earth-616.

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