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Quote1 From here, I can see the whole map--the whole maze. So many choices you make from here, Eddie. So many paths...and every single one of them leads to me. Quote2
The Eventuality (Eddie Brock)[src]

After Eddie Brock became the King in Black,[3] he became dislodged in time and split into many time-displaced offshoots of himself, such as Finnegan, Bedlam, Wilde, Tyro, and Meridius.[2] The Eventuality is Eddie's final self, who supervises his past selves in the Un-Beyond.[4]


Edward Brock (Eventuality) (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 5 18 001

All paths lead to the Eventuality

As Eddie Brock travels through time as the King in Black, his timeline will branch many times over. Most branches will continue to perform the King in Black's work to maintain the universe from within, though some like Meridius unsuccessfully attempt to escape their responsibilities. All of these branches will work for longer than the lifespan of the universe before retiring to the Un-Beyond, where they converge and become the Eventuality. The Eventuality supervises and occasionally intervenes to stop his past selves from becoming as destructive as Knull.[4]

Edward Brock (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 5 18 001

Revealing himself to Eddie

When the 'prime' Eddie arrived in the Un-Beyond following his defeat in Limbo, the Eventuality greeted him.[5] The Eventuality answered five of Eddie's questions, informing him of the status of his son Dylan, explaining the nature of the King in Black, telling Eddie that he became the King in Black because someone had to, revealing his identity as Eddie's ultimate future self, and telling Eddie that he had complete control over any body he inhabited, including his charred corpse. Explaining that his current duty is to supervise his past selves so that a new Knull doesn't arise, the Eventuality noted that once the Eighth Cosmos ends he might take up Knull's role in the Ninth Cosmos in order to find and test his replacement.[4]

When Tyro fails to warn Meridius about branching timelines and possibility of a seventh Eddie, he decides to take destiny into his own hands and travel deep into the Symbiote Hive-Mind. Eventuality greets him there and informs him about his fate, which motivates Tyro to do everything he can to evade it and leads him to becoming Meridius.[6]

Edward Brock (Eventuality) (Earth-616) from Free Comic Book Day 2024 Ultimate Universe Spider-Man Vol 1 1 001

As the Anti-All in the Ninth Cosmos

After Carnage killed Dylan Brock it pursued his soul into the depths of the Symbiote Hive in an attempt to find Eddie, catching a glimpse of the Eventuality. Carnage attempted to pursue the Eventuality, but ended up manifesting itself far into the future, within the Garden of Time, bursting through the chest of Meridius's temporal duplicate and absorbing his powers.[7] Appearing before Dylan, the Eventuality gave him the same choice of five questions he gave Eddie, and when asked what would happen if Eddie were to reunite with the Venom symbiote he showed Dylan a vision of the possible future he outlined to Eddie.[1]

Sometime later, an unknown being came to the Eventuality and the Eventuality as per usual gave the unknown being 5 questions. Not wanting to answer the same questions over again he gave them a few freebies before allowing them to ask the question. The first question they asked was "What if Eddie Brock wasn't Venom?" In answer, the Eventuality showed them a reality where Harry Osborn was the primary host to the Venom symbiote and while trying to take over the world encountered Knull of Earth-616 who tried to force him into taking over 616 with him. The Eventuality then transformed into a human form and apologized to the being for baiting them as "What if Eddie Brock wasn't Venom?" is a bit of a redundant question. He decided to answer "What if nobody was Venom?" for free to make up for it, and showed an alternate reality where the Avengers were picked off one-by-one by a starving Venom symbiote until only Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow were left. The Eventuality reveals that even he found this reality disturbing and was glad realities such as these do not get as far as others. He then told the being to ask another question as he enjoyed showing them alternate realities. [8]


Having spent longer as the King in Black than the universe would exist, the Eventuality has settled into his role. He acknowledges that his job is too much to fairly assign to any person, but performs his duty anyway because he accepts that someone has to do it.[4]



As the future self of Eddie Brock and Meridius, the Eventuality possesses the powers of a King in Black.[4]

  • Symbiote Domination: The Eventuality can inhabit symbiote flesh and shape it however he wishes.
    • Mental Time Travel: Before arriving in the Un-Beyond, the Eventuality's past selves traversed the timestream through the symbiote hivemind. As a King in Black, he is nonlinear.[4]
  • Symbiote Physiology: Existing as a codex in the symbiote hive mind, the Eventuality's bodies are formed out of their substance and give him their innate abilities.



  • Doctor Strange once invoked the "Onyx King" in a spell that prevents combatants from using external sources of power, such magic or the Eternity Mask, for 30 seconds.[9]
  • The Eventuality taking the form of Venom's left hand could be a reference to Eddie severing his left hand during the events of "Venom Island",[10] while the added candle fire at his fingertips makes it resemble the Hand of Glory.
    • This could also reference the Left Hand Path in esoterism, in opposition to the Right Hand Path, two different self-complementarian approaches into magic; this is seen given the way it talks to the 'prime' Eddie as a form of initiation and his "sacrifice of Ego".[11]
  • The Eventuality is aware that Earth-1048 is a universe where video games take place.[8]

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