Quote1 Is that the stink of your fear I smell? Quote2
-- Toxin src
Spider-Men (Earth-TRN461) from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game) 154

With the Spider-Men

The man who became known as Toxin was bonded with a symbiote-spawn with the memories of the Toxin Symbiote. Under the symbiote's influence, he started to believe himself to be Eddie Brock. Toxin became reclusive due to being unsure if he was a symbiote-spawn or the original, but he came to terms with who he was with the help of She-Venom and he joined the Spider-Men.

Toxin was among the symbiotes imprisoned in the Symbiote Prison. He joined The Symbiotes to organize a prison break and extract revenge on Spider-Man. After The Symbiotes were disbanded, he joined an offshoot called Nation of Carnage.[1]


Seemingly those of Eddie Brock of Earth-616 in his Toxin persona.


Seemingly those of Eddie Brock of Earth-616.

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