Eddie Harris was an insurance adjuster at Delman Insurance, unaware that his co-worker Aaron Stack was the controversial android Machine Man disguised as a human. He and co-worker Maggie Jones alternatively butted heads or teamed up in attempts to “loosen” up the new hire by playing pranks on him, which often backfired due to Stack’s robotic nature. They would also chide another employee, Pamela Quinn, about her not-too-subtle crush on Aaron as well.

Together, Eddie and Aaron examined the security at a company called Chem-Solar, particularly for its new invention, a solar-powered microwave transmitter. As such, they were present when Baron Brimstone and his men robbed the facility, Eddie dropping unconscious due to the baron’s apparent mystic powers, but Aaron managed to recover the Sol-Mac as Machine Man.

When last seen, Eddie -- along with Maggie and Pamela -- was shocked to find the body of company president Byron Benjamin, who had apparently committed suicide, unaware the boss had long since been murdered and replaced by the alien Dire Wraiths.

  • In his very first appearance, he was referred to as Edward White - in all subsequent appearances, he was identified as Eddie Harris.

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