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Ned Leeds was assigned by J.J. Jameson an investigation regarding the disappearance of Nick Fury. When Betty Brant confronted Jameson regarding clues she had obtained for the case, he demanded Brant to leave it for Ned. Betty said that the blame that the story wasn't developed was on Leeds, as he was a drunk. Jameson ordered Betty to leave the story for Ned or she was going to be fired. Leeds thanked Jameson for taking care of Brant, but he ordered him to continue the investigation or he would be fired. He was later present during Spider-Man's battle against Omega Red.[1]

Months later, he tried to present to Jameson the story of another attack of the newly-surfaced "Spider-Man Twins," but Jonah rejected it, demanding instead a useful story like the revelation of their identities and reasons.[2]


  • Ned Leeds might be alcoholic.[1]

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