Ted Munn was an American astronaut. With an enviable life an career on the go, he became the pilot of the Icarus One lunar mission. Sometime during training, about a year before launch, he began an affair with his married co-pilot, Catherine Mora. They promised to tell Catherine's husband as soon as the mission was over, but on the mission, Ted was mutated into a plant creature of incredible durability but inhuman features. Feeling isolated, he and Mora continued the affair.

After the astronauts went on the run from Homeland Security troops, they were recruited as sup-agents of Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. During his tenure, Munn was reverted back to his normal form along with and Catherine and Jon Mora. Both Munn and Jon gives Catherine the choice over which men she would love, however, she decided not in which the three went their separate ways.


Munn was transformed into a plant creature. His skin is as tough as bark, he has sufficient strength to stand up to Mangog, and he can generate roots from his body which he can use to choke his opponents or climb buildings.

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