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When his powers first manifested, Eddie was on top of the world. During his first landing, he broke both his legs when he assumed that he was also invulnerable.[3]

Xavier Institute

Wanting to be a X-Man,[4] Eddie became a student at the Xavier Institute with a much larger student body after Professor X publicly revealed himself as a mutant.[5]

Wing and Armor

Adapting the codename Wing,[3] Eddie was placed into the Paladins Squad along with Armor and Blindfold under the mentorship of Kitty Pryde.[4][1] Armor and Wing became best friends during their time at the Institute.[4][2][6]

Wing loved his powers and became extremely nervous about the news of the "Mutant Cure" despite counselling from Kitty Pryde.[3]

Ord curing Wing

Depowering and Suicide

Seeking vengeance on the X-Men, Ord from Breakworld infiltrated the Xavier Institute only to find the X-Men absent. Unfortunately, Ord did find Armor and Wing. Intending to leave a message for the X-Men, Ord captured Wing midflight, injected him with the Cure, and let him fall to the Earth.[4] Armor was able to catch Wing and Elixir was able to heal the injuries he sustained during the fall, but Wing was left "cured" and unable to fly.[7]

Kitty Pryde, Armor, and the other students discovering Wing's corpse in the Danger Room

Deeply depressed due to the loss of his powers, Eddie was allowed to stay at the Xavier Institute as a student, but only became more miserable and isolated. When he was not in class, Eddie would spend time alone in the Danger Room running a simulation of the campus exterior where he used to fly. Desperate to regain his powers and with goading from Danger disguised as Armor, Wing leapt off a cliff believing his powers would return or that he would end his life.[2] Wing's suicide inside the Danger Room made it possible for Danger to overcome her programming, manifest in a physical body outside of the bounds of the Danger Room, and attack the X-Men. With the Institute under attack, Kitty led the students into the Danger Room where Danger used a simulation of Wing's corpse to terrorize them.[8]


After the X-Men relocated to Utopia, Danger joined the X-Men to act as the warden of the X-Brig. Seeking closure for the murder of her friend, Armor violently confronted Danger only to discover that Danger felt real grief and remorse for Wing's death.[6]

Wing has also been seen among several other deceased X-Men in multiple visions.[9][10]

Wing was later resurrected by the Five in Krakoa, and was seen alongside the students from his generation at a party to welcome back the newly resurrected Wind Dancer. [11]



Wing was a mutant. Wing possessed the following powers:


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