Detective Edward Taylor was a 18 year veteran of the NYPD. He along with his partner Detective Deacon arrived at a crime scene which involved the supposed beating of Pistol Pat Albano by Daredevil. Taylor decided it was not worth the investigation which perplexed his partner as to why their not going to report it. He told Deacon that it would be a waste of paperwork as Mayor Fisk was gung-ho about the capture of heroes within the city.

As Taylor wrapped things up, another detective showed up to investigate even though he said that it was their crime scene. Detective North began questioning people on his own against Taylor's wishes and belittled Taylor as he said that he never had any big busts and he was better at taking vacations. Detective Taylor was about to knock North out which made him ask an officer to call in another ambulance possibly for Taylor. Taylor then backed off letting North to take over the scene.[1]

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