Edward Vance was a famous Chicago industrialist and the city's most connected mobster. He was engaged to Sheila DeSoto, who was secretly a mutant working to dispose of all the Chicago crime bosses so that she could take over, alongside an assassin named Clay in Vance's employ. Sheila had an affair with a duplicate of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, whom she later had assassinated. When the original Jamie came to Chicago to investigate, Sheila realised he wasn't the same Jamie she had known, and played innocent. Vance came across the two of them, outside his pool, and had Jamie knocked out and detained, with help from one of Jamie's own duplicates that had gone rogue.

Vance believed Sheila's story claiming she was innocent and had no relationship with Madrox, who in turn managed to escape his detention, reabsorb his rogue dupe, and escape the compound. Madrox later returned and confronted Sheila, revealing the truth to Vance. To win Vance's trust, he shot him in the head with a paint gun. Vance played possum as Sheila, believing he was dead, confirmed Madrox's accusations and revealed her mutant powers, attacking him. Vance pulled out a gun and killed Clay (who was in fact just a duplicate) and Sheila. After some consideration he decided to spare Madrox, who left the city.[1]

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