The man now known as Rodent was once a vagrant who ate a rat killed with a new form as pesticide called Mortalycide III, transforming him into a grotesque, ratlike creature. Angered by the loss of his new brothers by the hands of exterminators from the New York Department of Health, he began kidnapping children off the streets, vowing to kill twelve of them for every rat slain. His plan was thwarted by Cloak and Dagger after the former pulled him into his shroud and exposed him to his greatest fear: being unable to save his fellow rats from death and being left alone in the world. Cloak eventually let him go after realizing that, like himself, the creature was just an unfortunate victim of fate.[1]


Rodent can communicate with rats and command them to do his bidding. His murine physiology also grants him a pair of sharp claws and teeth, which Cloak postulated may also contain the same poison that transformed him.

  • He is called "Rodent" on the front cover of his sole appearance, but refers to himself as "Vermin" within the comic itself. He has no relation to the other ratlike villain known as Vermin.
  • Real name revealed in Dagger's entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #3.

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