Eenie-Meenie is one of the many beings created from the imagination of Jimmy Jupiter. In the spring of 1943 with his upcoming birthday, Jimmy had wished that he could get a bicycle and wished that the new kid in school -- British immigrant Sidney -- could make friends and be accepted by the school children. Entering a dream state, Eenie-Meenie appeared to him with his "wish wheel" and agreed to grant him his wishes.

Taking him to meet Sidney (or rather a simulacrum of him conjured up by Jimmy's imagination), the two boys played leapfrog until they were chased up a tree by a bull. The tree branch broke under their weight sending them crashing into water below. Jimmy pulled Sidney (who could not swim) to shore, but by that tim,e he had passed out. Jimmy called for Eenie-Meenie to come and help, and he attempted to carry the two boys to some help, but his wish wheel crashed. Jimmy woke up to find that it was all a dream. However, on the day of his birthday, his wishes came true as he got the bicycle he wanted and made friends with Sidney and convinced the local kids to make friends with him.[1]


Eenie-Meenie rides his "Wish Wheel", a massive wheel made out of icing and decorated with a birthday cake. It spun really fast and could fly to other locations. Eenie-Meenie claimed that it could grant wishes, but all it appeared to do was bring people to whatever they wanted.

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