After loosing her tribe, the Forest-Folk to the invading Sky-Demons, Eev went in search of food from the Swarmers, but was attacked by them. She was rescued by Stone-Hand, Devil Dinosaur, and White-Hair, and after witnessing the destruction of the Sky-Demons at the hands of the Swarmers, the three parted ways with Devil. Stone-Hand then attempted to force Eev to be his wife, much to her objection.[1]

They later stumbled upon Prime Computer, who trapped them in a dome proclaiming they would be safe and creating a miniature paradise for them. Eev was quite happy about the environment, and attempted to stop Stone-Hand from destroying the machine; however, after finding White-Hair dead, she realized the device could not truly sustain them forever. After the machine's destruction at the hands of both Stone-Hand and Devil she left with Stone-Hand to start a new tribe.[2]

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