An android and a member of the Young Avengers, Egghead was once programmed with respect for all humans, but his teammate Big Zero has gradually been removing his constraints for years. Akin to the Young Avenger Vision in that they are thinking, sapient people as well as androids, as well as both possessing similar powers of phasing, flight, and increased strength (though not several of Vision's other abilities), their personalities none the less put them at odds, with Vision expressing an interest in seeing the sociopathic android shut down.

Norman Osborn referred to him and Big Zero as "soldiers from a fascist microscopic universe."


Egghead later returned along with his fellow Young Masters member Excutioner who were recruiting new members to the team after the departure of most of the others. During this time the team was being supported by an unknown benefactor who gave them missions. The first mission the new team went on was to find and verify the death of Bullseye. The mission ended when Lady Bullseye attacked the team and killed one of the newest members Mako in her mission to recover Bullseye's body.

The remaining Masters continued doing their jobs eventually running into the new Teen Brigade. The team was betrayed however by new member Black Knight who slept with the Teen Brigade's leader Ultimate Nullifier and gave him information on the Masters next mission.

Egghead along with the remaining members launched attack against Kistoff Vernard who was acting as Dr. Doom in his masters absence. Egghead and his allies were soon defeated by the Teen Brigade and Executioner was captured. Egghead managed to escape Kristoff and return to the Masters' base where Zodiac revealed himself to be the Masters' benefactor who used the team to find foot soldiers for his army. Egghead was asked to join by Zodiac, which he accepted.


Egghead is a robot, who has been seen using many abilities like phasing, strength, hacking. He has been seen hovering in the air, possibly suggesting flight/levitation. He was also able to somehow place a criminal into a coma for thirty years, possibly suggesting some form of telepathy. He has also been seen in another form, that of an older man in a suit, in order to hide his true appearance in public, which is very noticeable. He doesn't take on this form all the time, but does in public, and sometimes at their hideout.

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