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The Eidolon were a warrior race believed to have gone extinct millennia ago. Their greatest creation were ancient, sentient adaptable battle suits that bonded to their wearer. In combat, they sing a 'battle hymn.' Those that bond with the Warwear have mandala-like markings.


The suit quickly adapted to environmental conditions and possible dangers, such as sealing against the vacuum of space. Protective force fields could also be created. Furthermore, the suit was capable of healing injuries to both itself and the wearer.

The suit flew incredibly fast via "slipstream" and was naturally suited for interstellar travel.

The armor could produce (referred to as "unskinning") remote drones that morphed into weapons, probes and other devices as the owner desired. A set of small rotating weapon drones routinely fly around the right gauntlet while a large cannon was mounted on the left. The normal energy produced was a form of plasma. It could produce other energies and frequencies such as concussive force, accelerated particle beams, even alpha waves to make an opponent fall asleep.

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