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The Eighth City was a brutal hellish realm could serve as a prison for evils of the world. The other Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, formed Immortal Weapons to help send these creatures there. The gateway could not be opened unless all the weapons combined their Chi. However, some of the demons were able to keep the doorway opened from the other side, and therefore, impossible to seal. Iron Fist (Quan Yaozu) took it upon himself to travel to the other side and close the doorway.[1]

Immortal Weapons

A new group of Immortal Weapons came to the gates of the Eighth City and focused their chi energies to open the gateway. Weakened through the process they were unable to fight off a group of monstrous creatures. They are brought before their master Changming. They were forced into gladiatorial combat and only rescued on the brink of death.[1] The only way they could communicate with each other is through Morse code.[2] The witnessed a fight between Danny and Changming claimed was the first Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu Tiger's Beautiful Daughter escaped and freed the others. They then attempted to escape[3] Working together they open the gateway, but was Changming's plan all along. Working together they are able to escape trapping the creatures in the Eighth City.[4]

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