Eileen Conroy was a reporter for the Washington Journal, a Washington D.C. newspaper that was in circulation in the 1940s. In 1941 her reports on Nazi Fifth Columnists being broken up by the new costumed hero known as the Thunderer would earn the ire of the spies. Unknown to Conroy, the Thunderer -- whom she found fascinating -- was in reality FCC agent Jerry Carstairs, whom she was seeing at the time and was exasperated by his meek and passive behavior.

The Fifth Columnists would believe that there was some connection between Conroy and the Thunderer and so would plot to target her. Communicating plans through secret mores code hidden in piano broadcasts, they would go after Eileen while she was working late in the Washington Press Gallery. However, Carstairs would intercept and decode the message and come to her rescue as the Thunderer. During the fight, Conroy would snap a photograph and get the exclusive story for the Journal. Her photo and story would not only get her a raise she was hoping for but also a bonus for getting the scoop.

Shortly after this adventure Eileen and Jerry drifted apart, her current activities are unknown.


Eileen is a skilled reporter for her time.


In her capacity as a reporter for the Washington Journal, Eileen carried a camera to photograph news stories.

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