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Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Eileen Harsaw was recruited into Toad's reformation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She first encountered Cable's team of mutants, X-Force and battled them. She proved immediately useful, using her powers to discover Cable's hidden base, and by causing Cannonball's superhuman powers to malfunction, which, in turn, allowed Sauron to kill him (or so it was believed). Though her team was defeated by X-Force, Phantazia escaped unharmed, abandoning her teammate Masque to be killed by Shatterstar.[1]

As a member of the Brotherhood, Phantazia battled numerous superheroes, including X-Factor,[2] Sleepwalker,[3] Darkhawk,[4] and Spider-Man.[4]

Some time after, while vacationing at sea with her teammates, Phantazia was approached by Exodus, a member of Magneto's Acolytes, and his second-in-command at the time. Exodus offered Phantazia a place on Magneto's asteroid base, Avalon, as she had been judged 'worthy'. Phantazia regretfully declined, however, opting to remain on Earth with the Brotherhood.[5]

Eventually, Phantazia and the Brotherhood encountered the X-Men on the privately owned island of a mutant named Empyrean, who offered sanctuary for all mutants suffering from the Legacy Virus (he was, in fact, feeding off the increased energy levels of the infected mutants). It was there that Phantazia first showed concern for her teammate, Pyro, who was dying from the virus.[6]

House of M

Phantazia disappeared from notice for some time, eventually reappearing during the reality warp called the House of M, as a member of Magneto's Elite Guard, and participated in the battle between the heroes who had realized the truth about the reality warp and those loyal to Magneto. After the Scarlet Witch re-warped reality back to its former state, Phantazia was one of the majority of the world's mutant populace whose powers were removed. She was one of the few who actually remembered, at least in part, the events of warp, and was apparently driven insane by the fractured memories. She was placed in the psychological ward of the government intelligence agency, S.H.I.E.L.D.[7]

Power Grid[8]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills3
* Teleporter


None currently.

Recommended Reading

  • X-Force Vol 1 #6,7,9
  • X-Men Vol 2 Annual #2
  • X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #2

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