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Quote1.png Eitri. Forgemaster of Nidavellir. Brother to Buri and Brokk. Husband to Egvanda. Father to -- father to Kindra... He who birthed Mjolnir into the world from wrought Uru... King amongst the dwarves. Quote2.png
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Eitri was the King of the Dwarves of Nidavellir and was known as one of the greatest forgers and weapon makers who helped create some of the most powerful weapons in all the Nine Worlds.[1]

When the New Mutants visited the realms of Asgard, Sam Guthrie befriended Eitri and his daughter and was adopted into the dwarves as son-of-his-heart to Eitri.[2]

When Hela possessed the Valkyries in an attempt to kill Odin during the Odin sleep, Eitri led the Dwarves in an assault on Hela's castle. His soldiers ended up battling the New Mutants before Eitri stepped in, adding the New Mutants to his list of allies.[3] They attacked Hela's castle, but Eitri was captured and forced to make Hela a deathsword lest his daughter and the New Mutants be killed.[4][5] However, Eitri forged a flaw into the sword. After being freed by the New Mutants, he joined them in the final battle against the possessed Danielle Moonstar, where he nicked the sword in the spot of its weakness, letting Sam destroy it and stop Hela's plan.[6]


Eitri was mentioned to have been killed during Ragnarok.[7] However, he was later resurrected only to be slain years later by the God of Hammers using the very weapon he'd helped create.[8]


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Eitri has an extended lifespan, being well over 1000 years old, and presumably possesses some degree of superhuman strength, durability and resistance to conventional disease.


He is a master forger with supernatural skill at crafting instruments, specially those of uru metal. He is also an able swordsman and has wielded swords and hammers in combat.


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