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Kidnapped by the Dark Elves and the Krimson Kurse under orders of Malekith, the weapon-smith Eitri was imprisoned in a mystical forest in Norway and forced to forge them magical weapons, unable to arm himself or harm his captors due the cursed shackle fastened to his neck.

Eitri with the Iron Hammer Armor

These circumstances changed when another prisoner was brought to join him in his forge, the Midgardian scientist Sigurd Stark. The presence of another prisoner allowed Eitri to circumvent the shackle's curse, so he worked with Stark to craft him a suit of armor to escape and heal him from the Elven poison running through his veins.

As the poison made its way through Stark's systems and depleted his body of strength, Eitri took it upon himself to finish the suit. Eitri completed the task just when the poison had reached Stark's heart, and equipped him the suit's chest plate, with its runes keeping him alive. However, before Stark regained his strength, Krimson Kurse approached Eitri's forge. Eitri saw himself forced to stall Kurse while the suit powered up. Before leaving to his death, Eitri unveiled Stark a secret weapon to unlock the full power of the armor, a hammer made from cold iron. Eitri's sacrifice allowed Stark to suit up as the Iron Hammer, and inspired his hunt for Malekith. After dispatching his captors,[1] Stark buried Eitri's body in the forest.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Eitri was a skilled weapon-smith.[1]


Throat-Shackle: Eitri wore a cursed throat-shackle in order to guarantee he would aid the Dark Elves, he could neither forge weapons for his own hand, nor do anything to save himself.[1]


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