Ekku was a Kushite god, the grim deity of (blind) chance and fortune(s). He is possibly two-faced.

He was worshiped by the Bamula tribe, who possessed an idol of him in their village, and sacrificed captives to him by throwing them into the pit where the Many-Legged One, a giant spider, devoured them.

According to the Bamulas, the use of armors was an offense unto Ekku.

After Conan defeated the war-chief candidate Yorubo during a duel above the Many-Legged One's pit, then saved him from it, and finally killed him as Yorubo was trying to slay him in the back, Yorubo's wife Felida was given to Conan as a gift of Ekkku.[1]

Ekku was allegedly a grim deity of blind chance.[1]

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