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The man known as El Caiman was considered the biggest cocaine dealer in Bogotá, capital city of Colombia, exporting his product to the United States of America. Caiman claimed to provide services to the locals, including food, healthcare, schooling, and water, things that the government was unable or unwilling to supply. Caiman also refused to sell drugs to the locals, gaining the respect of his daughter, Lucinda - but he was less moral with unknown foreigners.

At one point, the High Evolutionary sent his technified agents Eliminators to annihilate El Caiman's operations, considering that drug addictions were harmful to their goals; these Eliminators did not care about collateral damage and murdered hundreds of people in Bogotá. Coincidentally, the Punisher was also tracking El Caiman, having chosen his name randomly among 24 potential targets. Seeing a common enemy, and especially after the Punisher saved Lucinda's life, El Caiman and the Punisher met in Little Caesar, allied, and made a joint stand in a more secluded villa of El Caiman's.

Once the Punisher killed the last of the Eliminators near El Caiman's caiman aquarium, El Caiman turned against the Punisher - even though Lucinda wanted to let him go, El Caiman believed that the Punisher would kill him if he let him go. The Punisher shot his last teflon bullet into the aquarium, releasing El Caiman's caiman. El Caiman died knowing what was going to happen. Lucinda was angry at the Punisher, but she could do nothing about it.



Drug dealing, managing, and a good shot with submachine guns.



Glasses and cigar


  • Several traditional weapons, including submachine guns.
  • His "fishbowl" with a caiman and a piranha, to drop captured enemies in, can be considered a weapon.


Helicopter bought from Iranians.


In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22, Kingpin mentions how his drug activities in Latin America had been affected by the Eliminators' attacks. This is probably a reference to El Caiman, meaning that El Caiman dealt directly with Kingpin - unless the Eliminators had also attacked other druglords of whom we know nothing.

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