Sent by the Black Tarantula to slaughter the Rose's men under the guise of an emerald smuggling deal, El Uno's plans were botched by the arrival of Spider-Man. The Rose's gang and Black Tarantula's opened fire on each other, while El Uno defeated The Rose's bodyguard, Delilah, with surprising ease. Finding that instead of money, Delilah had brought a bomb with her, El Uno wasn't the least bit worried. Spider-Man jumped to attack him, but El Uno gloated that pain was for lesser beings. Spider-Man, seeing no other option, poked El Uno in the eyes and webbed his face up. While El Uno was able to tear himself free, it was too late for him to stop the bomb from going off, as the factory exploded.[1]
Surviving the explosion with only minor scrapes and bruises, El Uno began a search for Delilah and Spider-Man, hoping to gain his revenge. Finding Delilah first, El Uno attacked her from behind. Their brawl ended when they fell from a building, and Delilah flipped El Uno onto a gasoline truck, blowing it up and setting him on fire. Several days later, the Black Tarantula received a gift, courtesy of the Rose... El Uno's severed head.[2]


El Uno possessed enhanced human or greater strength, heightened agility, and was nearly invulnerable, as he simply laughed most pain off.

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