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Dr. Elaina Harding Marks worked with Dr. David Banner at the Culver Institute in California. They were trying to find out what caused people in crisis situations to exhibit abnormal strength. They learned that these people had an anomaly in their DNA, and so did David. But he was unable to lift a car to save his wife 11 months ago but a woman they studied was able to save her son in the same conditions. David himself discovered that the excessive gamma radiation from the sun gave those people that strength. After he exposed himself to gamma radiation and after his first incident as the Hulk afterward, she tried to help him learn what happened to him. She saw the second incident and learned that anger or extreme duress triggers the transformation. While Jack McGee was investigating their possible connection to the Hulk, he accidentally cause an explosion in the lab. David, as the Hulk, tried to save her but she was too badly wounded during the explosion. She confessed her love for David, and died in his arms. Jack McGee blamed her death and the apparent death of David Banner on the Hulk, but he was unwittingly the cause of it.[1]



  • While talking to David, Elaina notes that she liked David's mother. He reponds that his mother liked Elaina.[1] According to the episode "Homecoming", David's mother died in 1949.[2]

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