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Elaine Banner was the sister of Susan Banner and Brian Banner.[3]

While her sister Susan married a man by the name of Drake,[4] and Brian ended up marrying a woman named Rebecca,[3] Elaine settled down with a County Sheriff named Morris Walters, and together they had a daughter named Jennifer, who would grow up to become superheroine known as the She-Hulk.[5]

Elaine was killed by a drunk driver on the way to Jennifer’s dance recital. In the Postmortem Mall, a vision of her was seen by the Sensational She-Hulk as part of the Green Goblin’s gas.[5] The Sensational She-Hulk later met the real Elaine at the Mall where they had dinner and she bought a necklace for her daughter which followed her back into the land of the living once she was revived.[6]


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