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Elaine Banner was the sister of Susan Banner and Brian Banner. During their childhood, all three of them and their mother were physically and mentally abused by their out of control alcoholic father Bruce Banner. For years, they suffered but eventually they pulled through.[citation needed]

Susan, Elaine, and Brian all wanted to move on with their lives but Brian was still suffering from the trauma of their childhood and would do everything he could to spend as little time with his siblings as possible because he didn't want to relive any more bad memories, straining the relationship between.[citation needed]

While her sister Susan married a man by the name of Drake, and Brian ended up marrying a woman named Rebecca,[citation needed] Elaine settled down with a County Sheriff named Morris Walters, and together they had a daughter named Jennifer, who would grow up to become superheroine known as the She-Hulk.[1]

Elaine was killed by a drunk driver on the way to Jennifer’s dance recital. In the Postmortem Mall, a vision of her was seen by the Sensational She-Hulk as part of the Green Goblin’s gas.[1] The Sensational She-Hulk later met the real Elaine at the Mall where they had dinner and she bought a necklace for her daughter which followed her back into the land of the living once she was revived.[2]

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