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Elalyth's history prior to her saving a boy named Adam of Ravenscroft is unrevealed at the present time. However, when she did save him from death, he fell immediately in love with her.

Elalyth and her husband Adam Destine

Elalyth met Adam again some years later after he was a full grown man and had joined the Crusade with Richard the Lionheart. From each and every battle Adam participated in, he came out unharmed and was given the name Adam Destine. Later Adam was captured by nomads and they wanted him to battle Sujanaa min Raghbah, who used a magical gem to rule over Persia. Adam battled and defeated Sujanaa min Raghbah, but was betrayed by the nomads, who only wanted the gem for themselves. As he was dying Adam destroyed the gem to keep it from the nomads accidentally freeing the genie he had met years ago. After healing his wounds, Elalyth granted him immortality and invulnerability and the two wed and had many children over the centuries.[1]

Sometime after Elalyth's son Vincent was killed by Adam, Adam went off into outer space for fifteen years and they lost track of each other. Upon Adam's return to the planet Earth, thanks to the aid of the Silver Surfer he reunited with their children,[2] but it was their son Albert that put Adam on the path to his Elalyth again.[3]



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  • Elalyth is unable to leave Yden.

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