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Not much is known about the mysterious Elan race. They are immensely powerful beings that can alter reality to their whims. A very long time ago, an Elan whose name has never been revealed was one of the Protectors of the Universe chosen by Eon.[2]

The most well known member of the Elan is the so-called Infant Terrible, a young Elan that found its way to Earth where it encountered the Fantastic Four. The FF's leader Mr. Fantastic succeeded in contacting the Infant's parents who recovered the child before it could turn its power on the Earth in a fit of rage. [3] The Infant returned to Earth shortly thereafter where it ran amok in the African Repbulic of Karunda before being recovered by his parents again. [4]

Members of the Elan race were not seen for many years, not until a yellow-skinned Elan was among the large number of beings who were released from their millennia-long imprisonment within the Runestaff of Kamo Tharnn by the Asgardian Sif.[5] Not long afterwards, a group of Skrulls attempted to lure the Fantastic Four into a trap, with one of them posing as the Infant Terrible and claiming that the Elan race had been attacked by the Skrulls.[6] Some time later, another Elan was present at an intergalactic auction that was held to allow the sentient races to have an equal opportunity to bid on the autobiography of earthman Rick Jones that was believed to contain the secret of how he once single-handedly put an end to the Kree-Skrull War.[7]

Soon afterwards, the Infant (now simply known as the "Elan") became an ally of the youthful super heroes known as the Power Pack for some time but he eventually decided to leave Earth and return to his region of space.[8] During this period, it was revealed that the Infant Terrible's parents had died.[9]

Members of the Elan were spectators in a battle between Infinity and Oblivion and their pawns Quasar and Maelstrom.[10]

The young Elan later came to be called the Delinquent, as recorded by the Xandarian Worldmind Nova Corps Database.[11] He was later enslaved by the Annihilation Wave of the Negative Zone leader Annihilus, in his quest to conquer the Andromeda Galaxy. The Delinquent battled the various alien races that banded together to stop the invasion.[11] Following the defeat of the Annihilation Wave,[12] the Delinquent, freed from the Wave's control, assisted in liberating New Xeron from the Space Parasite. He was last seen leaving that planet with Paibok the Power Skrull.[13] The Delinquent's activities since then have not been revealed.

Much later, when the Elan on Elanis were attacked by the Keeper of the Great Truth, an attempt to aid them was made by Benjamin J. Grimm but he failed to prevent the Illuminatrix from transforming the Elan and their planet into an "elevated" form.[14] When the Silver Surfer later destroyed the Illuminatrix, Elanis and all the other worlds that had been transformed were restored to normal.[15]

Alternate Realities

The Elan race also exists on Earth-71166[16] and Earth-9812.[17]

Powers and Abilities


Can project nearly limitless psionic energy through their antennae, primarily to rearrange atoms and molecules, or to attract or repel objects



Dense jungle throughout equatorial region


210% Earth standard


185% Earth density


2.7 million


Type of Government

Planetwide union of democratic nations

Level of Technology

Highly advance with warp driven starships that are not often used due to their psionic abilities

Cultural Traits

Isolationist who avoid contact with other cultures. They are peaceful and dedicated to art, science and philosophy


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