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Physical Characteristics
Body Type
Average Height
Number of Limbs
Number of Fingers
Number of Toes
Number of Eyes
Special Adaptations
Fingers have opposable thumbs; Toes are hoof-like
Unusual Features
Huge, multifaceted eyes
Star System
Home Planet
Creators and Appearances



Not much is known about the mysterious Elan race. They are immensely powerful beings that can alter reality to their whims. The most well known member of the Elan is the so-called Infant Terrible, a young Elan that found its way to Earth where it encountered the Fantastic Four. The FF's leader Mr. Fantastic succeeded in contacting the Infant's parents who recovered the child before it could turn its power on the Earth in a fit of rage. [2] The Infant returned to Earth shortly thereafter where it ran amok in the African Repbulic of Karunda before being recovered by his parents again. [3] Members of the Elan were part of the the Galactic Council led by Empress Lilandra of the Shi'ar to discuss the fate of the Phoenix.[4]

Members of the Elan race were not seen for many years, however a group of Skrulls attempted to lure the Fantastic Four into a trap by posing as the Infant Terrible and claiming that the entire Elan race was eradicated by the Skrulls.[5] However, since it was later revealed that the Elan's homeworld and the Infant Terrible's parents were later slain,[6] the possibility that the Elain were wiped out by the Skrulls is likely true, however other members of the race have since been seen. One member of this race is a prisoner within the Runestaff wielded by the Possessor.[7] Another member of the Elan was part of a Galactic Council that questioned earthling Rick Jones on how he ended the Kree/Skrull War.[8]

Whatever the case, the Infant, later simply known as the "Elan" became an ally of the youthful super heroes known as the Power Pack for some time. [9] Members of the Elan were spectators in a battle between Infinity and Oblivion and their pawns Quasar and Maelstrom.[10]

This youth was later enslaved by the Annihilation Wave of the Negative Zone leader Annihilus, in his quest to conquer the Andromeda Galaxy. Now called the Delinquent, this Elan battled the various alien races that banded together to stop the invasion.[11] Following the defeat of the Annihilation Wave,[12] the Delinquent, freed from the Wave's control, assisted in liberating New Xeron from the Space Parasite. He was last seen leaving that planet with Paibok the Power Skrull.[13] The Delinquent's current activities are unknown. If there are any other surviving members of the Elan also remains to be seen.

Alternate Realities

The Elane race also exists on Earth-71166[14] and Earth-9812.[15]

Powers and Abilities


Can project nearly limitless psionic energy through their antennae, primarily to rearrange atoms and molecules, or to attract or repel objects



Dense jungle throughout equatorial region


210% Earth standard


185% Earth density


2.7 million


Type of Government

Planetwide union of democratic nations

Level of Technology

Highly advance with warp driven starships that are not often used due to their psionic abilities

Cultural Traits

Isolationist who avoid contact with other cultures. They are peaceful and dedicated to art, science and philosophy


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