Elathan was the Fomorian god of the sky, and a fomorian prince.

The worship of the Fomorians by the ancient Celts started about 2000 BC, and they were worshiped by the fierce Fir Bolg people inhabiting Ireland mainland. In approximately 1896 BC, the Tuatha de Danaan came to Earth, and defeated the Fir Bolg for control of their territory.

Despite an enmity between their people, Elathan mated with Ériu and sired Bres (who rapidly matured after his birth and was chosen to succeed to Nuada as the new ruler of the Tuatha).

Bres acted as a corrupt and tyrannical ruler, and was deposed by the Tuatha after seven years or reign. As he discovered his true legacy, he fled to the Island of the Tower of Glass, met his father and convinced the Fomorians to attack the Tuatha. At the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, Tuatha warrior Lugh grievously wounded Fomorian army general Balor, and the defeated Fomorians were forced to retreat from their Island to the Dark Realm of Otherworld.

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By 350 BC, the Fomorians worship was largely supplanted by the Tuatha de Danaan's.[1]



Elathan presumably possess the superhuman physical attributes common to his race, including true immortality, superhuman strength and durability...[1]

Strength level

He presumably can lift about 35 tons, as all average male Fomor.[1]

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