Origins and early years

The Elder Gods are incredibly powerful ethereal beings with vast cosmic powers, who are the survivors of the first wave of entities that were spawned by the Demiurge visiting Earth soon after its formation, 4 billion years ago.[2]

Curious about the stars, Oshtur left Earth ten of thousands of years before the conflict that would erupt among the Elder Gods.[3]

Degeneration and Elder Gods culling

Set discovered that if he ate his brethren gods, his own power would increase, so he started to do so, becoming the first murderer in the history of the planet. The process also caused him to degenerate into a demon. Most of the other Elder Gods, with the exception of Gaea, began to imitate him, so that whoever was not devoured had now become a demon.

According to the Darkhold, one million years ago, Chthon led a group of evil gods in a war against a benevolent faction, but was sealed away alongside his army by his victorious opponents.[4]

Modern days

Gaea currently resides within the Earth itself. Oshtur formed the Vishanti to assist Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Set and Chthon were driven from Earth by Gaea's son Atum, but still exert influence through their followers and artifacts.[2]

Chthon tricked Ian McNee into gathering the Cornerstones of Creation,[5] and was nearly reborn though Victoria Montesi and almost unleashed by Carnage.[6]


Level of Technology: Magic
Representatives: Chthon, Gaea, Hyppus, Isuus, Oshtur, Set

Atum, son of Gaea, is considered alternatively as the first of the new gods[7][8][9] or as an Elder God.[10]


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