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"Deities",[3] Gods,[3] "ancient embodiments of evil"[3]
Identity and Affiliations
Physical Characteristics
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"Evil daemonic gods"[4]
Base of Operations
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Modern days




The Elder Gods were freed by Witchfire, when she completed a Bloodstone Amulet with all the Bloodstones necessary.

They briefly battled the X-Men, before being banished back as Magik and Pixie used their respective Soulsword and Souldagger to separate the Bloodstones from the Amulet.[1]

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In possession of the Bloodstones and the Amulet, and intending to crush the demons of Limbo, Project Purgatory leader General Charles J. Ulysses had the demons to gather around his base as they wished to retrieve those weapons, for them to be in one place as he crushed them. He had Toko to assemble the Amulet, summoning the Elder Gods[6] (possibly including the Gibborim),[7] but they made their way to Earth through Portal Epsilon instead.[6]



Alternate realities


Powers and Abilities


The Elder Gods were powerful enough so that only "The Legion"/"The God-Mutant" personality of David Haller could kill them.[3]



At least one of the Gibborim[1]

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