The nature of the Elder Ones is unknown, and some of the information on this page might be about different groups known as the Elder Ones (or about such groups as the Old Ones or Elder Gods).


The Elder Ones, or Elder Ones of the Universe, were a group of (or many) ancient beings who once dwelt on Earth.

Some accounts make of the Elder Ones beings of goodness, representing (unclearly as a whole or as a faction) good and whose were invoked as a blessing of protection,[6] while others seemingly refers to entities evil[7] (seemingly as another name for the Old Ones, see notes), or at least antagonists to Man.[3][5]


The Elder Ones were a group of ancient beings.

Early years

They came before Man, before light, when shadowy horrors ruled this plane.[8]

They dwelt on Earth before man[5] (or before man climbed down from the trees,[3][7] and became man)[4] including in ancient Kush where they reigned over all.[3] and were led by their Lord who dwelt in shadows where "if a man set his foot, he may not turn upon his track".[1]

During their time on Earth, the Elder Ones came to possess or create various artifacts of power, including the Gem of Earth Fire,[4] and the Crystal of the Elder Ones.[5] Some of those would eventually be retrieved by men.


Eventually, the Elder Ones' rule of Earth came to an end, though the reasons for it are blurry. Are known tales of a final battle, and or them leaving.

Final Battle

Man eventually wrestled control of the planet from the last of them. Soon, at the dawn of civilization, Hanuman, Sorcerer Supreme of the House of Xal, and "king" of the shamans of his era acquired the Crystal of the Elder Ones.[5] The warrior god Arranto Koni was seemingly part of the Final Battle with the Elder Gods.[3]

Another World

The Elder Ones left this world for another of their own making. Behind them, left a resonance of their power, described as "an echo of a death scream". Some men (like the necromancer Ohris Dehjmal during the Pre-Cataclysmic Age) would try to partake from these "wells of evil", in order to grasp to the power of the Elder Ones.
That story was recounted in the Chronicles of Magnus Tel Shek and the Book of Ages Past.[8]


The Elder Ones who represented good accursed Kalumesh, abandoning them to an evil cult worshiping Dagoth (who served the evil entity Shuma-Gorath), causing the city to sank.
That story was recounted in Von Juntz's Nameless Cults.[6]

Hyborian Age


The Crystal of the Elder Ones was eventually recovered and destroyed by Conan, a Cimmerian.[5]


Level of Technology: The Elder Ones possessed various artifacts of power, including the Gem of Earth Fire,[4] and the Crystal of the Elder Ones.[5]
Representatives: Lord of the Elder Ones


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