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Like in many other alternate realities, the longest living beings in the known universe in Reality-1815 would band together, forming the Elders of the Universe. Each member focused their long life spans with a single minded obsession. For the Grandmaster, it was games, while the others -- the Collector, Runner, Champion and Gardener -- their pursuits were self evident. During World War II, the Grandmaster and Collector discovered the planet Earth and noted that it contained a vast amount of super-humans. The Collector sought to put them in his collection, however, the Grandmaster convinced him to take up a wager. Noting baseline humanity's prejudice of super-humans, the Grandmaster wagered that the humans would eventually round up and incarcerate their super-humans. Sure enough, Operation: Zero Tolerance was passed, and the Grandmaster's prediction would come true.[1]

However, this wager was lost when the reality hopping Exiles freed all the world's super-humans on their first mission.[2] Furious, the Grandmaster learned all there was to know about the Exiles from the recently liberated Magneto. Seeking to get revenge, the Grandmaster found Earth-33629, a reality that had counterparts of all of the Exiles' original members. He then made a wager with his Earth-33629 counterpart to pit these Exiles against the current team. Both teams of Exiles were manipulated into fighting each other but eventually learned the truth. Angry that he once more was being interfered with, the Grandmaster slayed the two Exile teams. This angered Grandmaster-33629 who resurrected the dead heroes. He then sent a call to the Earth-33629 version of the Elders who subdued Grandmaster-1815 and imprisoned him on Collector-33629's museum world.[1]

The activities of the other Elders of Earth-1815 remain unrevealed.

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